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  • Sound Bites
    These files were encoded at 14.4 Kbps to be compatible with all versions of the RealAudio Player.

    Bob Dylan once said he was just a Song & Dance Man. A snippet of the San Francisco Press conference (1965) sampled from videotape. Anyone needing a lesson in "cool" should listen to this.

    Why do so many boot tapes start with a plug for Columbia Records?" This raises some interesting questions about who should pay royalties to whom... (Sampled from an audience tape.)

    Ever wondered why Bob Dylan does it? It's not for love. From videotape of BBC Omnibus "Getting to Dylan"

    What kind of Halloween Mask was Bob wearing in 1964? Sampled from boot CD.

    A famous Answerphone Message sampled from an old vinyl boot.

    Set your sound card to "play f***kin' loud" -- the Infamous Judas Incident sampled from boot CD.

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    Photos of vinyl boot covers
    Jpegs taken with a digital camera by Richard Batey (
    Seventy Dollar Robbery scanned by Joel Parker

    "On the Road" (56K) "The Night The Revue Came to Boston" (66K)
    "Believe What You Heard" (53K) "SNACK!" (61K)
    "Ceremonies of the Horseman" (29K) TMQ "The Demo Tapes" (23K)
    "Hurricane Carter Benefit" (75K) "The Historic Confrontation" (56K)

    "A Rare Batch of Little White Wonder" Vol. 1 (19K), Vol. 2 (21K), Vol. 3 (23K)
    "Seventy Dollar Robbery (82K)

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