Which Photo Came From Mobile, Alabama 4/29/76?

This photo was taken by a (great) local photographer at the Mobile evening show on 4/29/76.

This one was scanned from Glen Dundas' Tangled Up In Tapes, 4th ed., attributed to the same show.

The 1976 edition of the Rolling Thunder Revue is known to have performed two shows in Mobile that day, a matinee and an evening show. The one on the left is definitely from the evening show. (I know the photographer & have a copy of the proof sheet from a roll of film he shot.) There is a circulating tape of the evening show, but no tape is known from the afternoon performance.

There is a color photograph on the back insert of the bootleg "Highway 49 Revisited" (of the Hattiesburg MS show on 5/1/76) that shows Bob wearing the same shirt & head-rag as the photo on the right above.

So... Was the right-hand photo actually taken at the Mobile afternoon show or perhaps in Hattiesburg a couple of days later? Inquiring minds want to know...

If you or somebody you know knows, please let me know.